GENSUKE MIYAKE   born in Kurashiki City

BLOODTYPE   are meticulous Pawer A type of a sense of responsibillity

CONSTELLATION    romantic and the Water Bearer which is full of an idea

FAVORITE THING   rubbish,machin parts,Jimmny,misokatsu,myself made,Carp(japanease basebll team)

DISAGREEABLE   fermentedsoybeans,Okura,Onion,Japan,Japanease,peaple from Kurashiki,ENKA,
other's child,KYOJIN(japanease baseball team),JumboOzaki(Japanease golf player)

SPECIAL ABILITY    It is not boved even if it is dose nothing

It is employed by graduating from the university of engineering system

But work is disagreeable and changes its employment to a ceramist

While establishing CLAY STUDIO GENN at a house
it is a ceramic art classroom Open

Itis under activity focusing on a private exhibition
in Kurashiki,Koube,Nagoya,etc,now

It is waiting for the work request from foreign one